What are some of the prophecies that Hazrat Isa fulfilled?

The need of each human being is forgiveness ve acceptance by God. Without the knowledge of how to be forgiven, the human existence has no meaning, for man was created by God and for God. To dwell in his presence for eternity is the highest goal God has for us as humans. Without forgiveness this is impossible. It is with this in mind that this article was written. There is no other motive!

Wouldnt it be nice if God would see fit to guarantee our forgiveness, now, so we could enjoy it the rest of our living days and then for eternity? Wouldnt the peace of that assurance be great?!! Of course, we would never deserve it but God is the God of great mercy and has sent his messengers with his important message. It is this message that is at the heart of what is in this article. May it bring you great joy!

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When the author of this article was in college, he came to a point where he wanted to know whether what he had been taught as a child about God and forgiveness was right. Had he believed it just because his parents had taught him that or did he really believe? In the ensuing study, there was one thing that provided solid evidence to his faith. It was the prophecies of Jesus Christ. They proved themselves as a firm foundation for several reasons.

  1. The prophecies that have been fulfilled have come true with absolute accuracy.
  2. The prophecies had been written more than 400 years before the events happened.
  3. There is no way for the prophecies to have been fabricated because they were in the Jewish scriptures and yet were fulfilled in Jesus Christ whom many Jews despised.

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Nevertheless the same scriptures that prophesied Christ, the Messiah, are the same scriptures that the Jews have today even though they dont always obey them. This delicate balance is important to prove that the followers of Christ could not have changed the Jewish scriptures to suit their own interpretations. Upon this firm foundation the author knew he could trust firmly in Gods word in the Holy Bible because the message of the Messiah (Al-mesih) is the main message of the Bible.

An Introduction

God has sent a message through his prophets for us to understand. Its a progressive revelation. The fact that this is a progressive revelation does not mean that God’s character changes or that his plans were confused. God gradually revealed himself and his plan for mankind, so that mankind would come to know him and trust him. He sent prophecies years in advance to assure men at particular times that what was happening was part of his plan. This process took thousands of years. Even though his revelation is progressive, there are themes that never change. One of these is the theme of the Messiah, (Al-mesih) that would save man from sin.

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This theme begins in the book of Genesis, which meansbeginnings,” and continues on through the Bible. God is in the business of saving mankind from the effects of sin. Messiah, Christ, ve Mesih meananointed one.” This anointed one was God’s chosen Savior that would conquer sin. The word Jesus means, “the LORD is salvation.” All through the Holy Bible from Genesis to Revelation, God unfolds his plan through the prophets. Jesus Christ, himself, along with his disciples, testified that the prophets spoke of him. This unfolding of the Messiah (Al-mesih) as the Savior of the world is the main message of the Holy Bible.

The Nature of Prophecy

What really is a prophecy? How general could a prophecy be and still be considered a genuine prophecy? Do isolated references to character qualities that could apply to many different people, qualify as authentic prophecies? Some religions believe that very general prophecies concerning character traits are sufficient to point to their prophets. But the prophecies of Jesus Christ do not consist of simply references containing character qualities that we find displayed in Jesus Christ’s life. It was obvious to the readers at the time many of the prophecies of Jesus Christ were written, that theyclearly referred to the Messiahthe person who would have the authority of God, have the character of God, and bring God’s salvation to man. When these prophecies were written, they were simply separate pieces to a puzzle. On many occasions the prophets themselves who spoke of these things knew that they were speaking of a specific person who would accomplish the work God had for him. Yet the details were not always understood fully until the events actually occurred. Even when the events occurred, more explanations were sometimes necessary. In looking back, though, these prophecies are very clear. This is explained in I Peter 1:10-12,

The Magi seeking the MessiahThe prophets wrote about this Messiah (Al-mesih), who was also referred to as the Branch of David; the Righteous Servant; Son of Man; offspring of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; prophet like unto Moses; and other names and titles, long before he came to this earth. As the prophecies were written hundreds of years before Christ was born, a well-rounded picture of the life of this Messiah (Al-mesih) emerged. This picture also narrowed down the possibilities of who could be Al-mesih. This is evidenced by the fact that when men from a far country came looking for the place where the Messiah King (Al-mesih) would be born, they were told that according to the scriptures he would be born in Bethlehem. There they found him. (Matthew 2:1-11) This picture portrays his lineage, events surrounding his birth, the town where he would be born, his many sufferings in death, the time of his death, the works that he did and more. The combination of these prophecies shows us clearly that Jesus Christ is the Messiah (Al-mesih) who was prophesied by all the prophets. No other prophet is clearly prophesied like this. With the evidence we have in the Holy Bible, we are allowed to investigate these prophecies and ask whether they truly point to Jesus Christ. Is he really the Messiah who would come bearing God’s name and who is from eternity? To answer these questions we must look at what the Bible says about his work, nature and titles while he was on this earth.

Examples of Fulfilled Prophecies in the Bible

What criteria should we follow to be sure that the prophecies we cite are authentic prophecies? To be sure we are understanding the prophecies correctly, we must look at prophecies that have already been fulfilled and see how they were fulfilled.

One of the accusations thrown at the Holy Bible and at Christians is that the name Jesus is never mentioned in the Old Testament where the prophecies of Jesus Christ are found. Is this a reasonable accusation? The fact is that the Hebrew name for Jesus, Yeshua, is found in the writings of the prophets in the Holy Bible 30 times. But these occurrences are not considered as prophecies of Jesus Christ because they are not speaking of the Messiah (Al-mesih). Ancak, the Holy Bible consistently considers nameless prophecies as authentic prophecies. This occurred both in the Old Testament by the prophets and in the New Testament by Jesus Christ.

References to the Prophets in the New Testament

Many events of Jesus life as recorded in the New Testament are not a surprise because Jesus Christ is mentioned in Tüm the scriptures that came before him. This fact is verified by Jesus Christ, himself and two of his apostles. The following are quotes from these reputable sources.

We have seen that we should be looking in the Old Testament for prophecies of Jesus Christ and we see what type of prophecies to anticipate. Now, the question is, “Can these claims be verified from the writings of the prophets?”

The following passages from God’s revelation to the prophets written down 400 to 1500 years before Jesus was born, do speak of Jesus Christ. Again, remember that the significance of the prophecies is not just in the individual prophecies themselves but the composite picture each prophecy helps to reveal and title of the person they are ascribed to. Many of these are the names of God himself. The following contain quotes from all the prophets followed by the Old Testament reference, the New Testament reference of the fulfillment and a brief explanation of the prophecy.

Note: Each verse below is followed by its reference in parentheses from the Holy Bible. This is followed by the reference of the fulfillment in the İncil in parentheses preceded by the letterscf.” A brief explanation of the prophecy may follow this in separate parentheses. The bold italicized script either contains the significance of the prophecy or the connection between it and other prophecies. Each prophet is listed in chronological order according to when he lived and prophesied.

Testimony of Jesus by the Prophets

There are over 300 prophecies in the Old Testament concerning the first coming of Jesus Christ. Some of these prophecies are fulfilled in a general way in numerous events in Jesus Christ’s life. Others are fulfilled very specifically. A careful reading of the gospels is necessary to do an honest study of these prophecies and their fulfillments. Other prophecies are still to be fulfilled by him in the future. The following list includes prophecies from Tüm the Peygamberler, but not Tüm ve Kehanetler from each prophet are included. As we go through them, it is important to remember that we must remember the previous prophecies. Any additional prophecies will not negate the previous prophecy but will give additional information so as to eventually pinpoint without doubt the Messiah that was to come.

To Adam (By Moses)

To Abraham (By Moses)

To Isaac (By Moses)

To Jacob (By Moses)

By Moses

By Samuel

By Job

By David

By Solomon

By Joel

By Obadiah

By Amos

By Jonah

By Isaiah

By Hosea

By Micah

By Nahum

By Zephaniah

By Ezekiel

By Jeremiah

By Habakkuk

By Daniel

By Haggai

By Zechariah

By Malachi


These prophecies are only some of the prophecies about Jesus Christ. More are found in the same scriptures. It is amazing that they came over a period of 1,100 years through over 20 prophets of God. The consistency of the message over this period of time verifies the message that God sent to mankind. In addition to these prophecies, the law and the sacrifices that God commanded Moses to perform are a picture of the life and sacrifice that Jesus Christ offered for all mankind. Events of the prophets lives were a foreshadowing of the Christ who was to come and who has come. These also fulfill the fact thatall the scripturesspoke of him. God has confirmed his message to us in this way so we can embrace it with confidence.

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